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Why Does Relight Need Support?

Much like lunch when someone else is buying, Relight isn’t technically free. Granted, when Relight first started, it was super cheap to run. Seriously, like $5 a month for the server. As Relight’s features, technology stack, and number of monthly active users have grown, our costs have gone up significantly. We also spend money to try to help more people find the app and we would love to expand our audio resources, which can get expensive.

We never want money to be a barrier between users and Relight’s resources and features, so we aren’t going to start charging. That is why, instead, we’re making it possible to accept help from the many users who have volunteered it over the past few years.

Will Relight Go Away Unless I Donate?

That’s very unlikely. Supporting the app is just a nice way to say “thanks” and to help take some of the load off our family’s budget. Additionally, we’d love to invest more into AI tools for things like audio and search. Your support may help those projects (and others) happen faster.

Why Should I Support Relight?

Stay with us here… but maybe you shouldn’t! We aren’t about pushy donation campaigns or social pressure. We think you should only support Relight if you love using it, want to help ensure its longevity and success, and would love to see more people discover it too. That said, we do think the eighth commandment means that we all have a duty to be careful stewards of our finances, so maybe helping us out isn't for you, or isn't for you in this season.

It’s worth noting that supporting the project won’t get you special access to any extra resources or features (we want those to stay free to everyone), but it may help us add new features for everyone—like more audio resources.

Support Relight Now

One Time

One-time support will mostly be used to cover one-time projects like audio resources, and promotional efforts (conferences and advertising). We know many of you have also said you’d at least like to buy us coffee or a dinner. You don’t have to twist either of our arms!


Monthly support will first cover ongoing costs. Surplus will support one-off projects and promotional efforts. It may also hopefully pave the way for adding things like AI search and user notes.


Annual support will be used similarly to monthly, but, like, it’s annual.

Questions and Answers

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If I give monthly or annually, how can I stop?

What’s the best way to support Relight?

I can only give around $1 per month. Is it even worth donating?

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